Medical Device Company

Performed due diligence on a publicly traded, neurological medical device company, as well as a healthcare software company prior to the commitment of funds by a private equity group.

Investment Due Diligence

A private equity group was considering making a $15-20M capital infusion in a publicly traded, neurological medical device company for studies and commercialization efforts pending FDA approval and providing $10M in expansion capital for a healthcare software company. 


Completing due diligence in an expedited time frame on two businesses with operations in the U.S., India and Scotland.


  • Conducting market assessment (competitive analysis, market size, growth plans), risk assessment, operational assessment and progress assessment for securing FDA approval
  • Analyzing intellectual property strategy, collaborative research & development agreements, regulatory challenges and supplier partnerships
  • Reviewing financials, burn rate, projections, assumptions, potential investment structures and needed liquidity
  • Developing independent projections
  • Assessing management talent and resource plan


  • Substantiated support for the investment decision
  • Identified profitability enhancement opportunities
  • Developed risk mitigation measures